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Aspistor luniscutis (Valenciennes, 1840)

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Carla Isobel Elliff (1) Alfredo Carvalho Filho (2)

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Aspistor luniscutis occurs along the eastern coast of South America from the Guianas to Brazil, and may reach a maximum length of 1.2 m (Figueiredo & Menezes 1978). Like the other species, it occupies marine and brackish environments (Marceniuk & Menezes 2007). Knowledge about this species is also very sparse (Mishima & Tanji 1982, Azevedo et al. 1999). The family Ariidae includes the catfishes, marine and brackish water leather fishes (Figueiredo & Menezes 1978). The family has a wide distribution in tropical and temperate waters, and its members occur near the coast, in estuaries and inland waters; few are strictly marine (Marceniuk & Menezes 2007). The catfishes seek out river mouths and lagoons during the spawning period (Figueiredo & Menezes 1978). They have a wide feeding spectrum, which may vary during their ontogenetic development, with the diet mostly constituted of detritus, decapods, fish, polychaetes and bivalves (Espírito Santo & Isaac 1999). The reproduction occurs normally, in the warmer months of the year or during the rainy period, when there is a major uptake from rivers (Mazzoni et al. 2000, Gomes & Araújo 2004, Fávaro et al. 2005). Remarks: The first thumbnail specimen was captured in Santos, Brazil in May 2011. Habitat: brackish, marine.

Common Name:



Arius luniscutis, Arius physacanthus, Arius bonneti, Arius clavispinosus, Arius despaxi, Notarius luniscutis


Ariidae mblycipitidae


South America: Atlantic coastal rivers of South America from French Guiana to southern Brazill.


120.cm.TL (4ft)


20-27°c (67-81°f )




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