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Corydoras nijsseni

September 2007 Factsheet

Corydoras nijsseni
C 111

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Corydoras Catfish An Aquarists Handbook
6.49 ( inc. P&P) anywhere in the world.
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2nd September 2007: Article
Not So Angelic(us)
By David Marshall

17th August 2007: Article
Initiating reproduction with the Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus)
By Wolfgang Ros

4th August 2007: Article
Our house catfish, Clarias angolensis
By Reinhold Wawrzynski

4th July 2007: Article
Cephalosilurus apurensis - a voracious ambushing predator but not without charm
By Christopher and Wolfgang Ros

12th May 2007: Article
An African Catfish (Mocholkiella paynei )
By Steve Pritchard

4th March 2007: Article
In Defense of the "Iridescent Shark"
By Michael Hissom

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