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Centromochlus reticulatus (Mees, 1974)

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Daniel Blom (2) Joost Schuitemaker (4) Karsten Schönherr (1)

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Relevant Information:

The main differences between the close species of Tatia and Centromochlus is the slender body, long pungent pectoral spines and the distinct caudal peduncle of the latter. This species appears distributed throughout the Rumununi and has recently been collected near Manaus. It is unlikely to be threatened by fishing due to its nocturnal activity cycle, and there are no other threats apparent. Aquarium Care: As of the Tatia species you can give them small pipes, and they do seem to like to hide in the crevices of bogwood as well. They appear to be happier if this small species can jam themselves in with the use of their pectoral fins. Community tanks are fine for this species but don't expect to see them too often. Diet: In its native habitat they feed on small invertebrates and crustaceans and in the aquarium they will eat anything given such as frozen bloodworm inserted in to their hideaway, catfish tablets, white worm (sparingly) and prawns and shrimp. They do like their food and you can see them shooting out of their hideouts and swimming in a frenzied manner to try and take all for themselves, especially when you feed them their favourite food, frozen bloodworm.

Common Name:



Tatia reticulata




South America: Rupununi River basin, Guyana. Type locality: Karanambo, Rupununi, British Guiana.


3cm. (1¼ins)


22-26°c (71-79°f.)




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