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Centromochlus romani (Mees, 1988)

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Allan James (1) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2)

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Aquarium Care: Keeping this rare small species is not too much of a problem as long as the water is kept clean and not too alkaline with a p.H.of between 6.5 and 7.0. They do like a planted aquarium where they like to hide during the day. Diet: In its native habitat they feed on insects, mostly ants, beetles, and mayflies and in the aquarium they will eat anything given such as frozen bloodworm which they will come out of hiding to feed on, catfish tablets, daphnia, white worm (sparingly) and any other worm-like foods. Breeding: Has been bred in the aquarium where they leave their eggs in a gelatinous mass under stones or bogwood. As of this family the male will fertilise the female internally.

Common Name:



Tatia romani




Venezuela; San Juan River, Orinoco Basin. Type locality: Río Guarapiche, affluent of the Río San Juan, near Maturín, Monagas, Venezuela.


3.0cm (1¼ins)


26-28°c (79-83°f.)




Sarmento-Soares, Luisa Maria; Martins-Pinheiro, Ronaldo Fernando A systematic revision of Tatia (Siluriformes: Auchenipteridae: Centromochlinae) Neotropical Ichthyology, 6(3):495-542, 2008.
Ferraris, C.J. Jr., 2007. Checklist of catfishes, recent and fossil (Osteichthyes: Siluriformes), and catalogue of siluriform primary types. Zootaxa 1418:1-628.



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