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Spinipterus sp. "Otorongo"

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Relevant Information:

This undescribed species of Spinopterus is known from the Rio Nanay (Peru Aquarium Group, 2006) and Dorado Lake, PacayaSamiria National Reserve, Peru (Kasa, 2009) and has been in the hobby on a few occasions. lt is known as "Novia Otorongo" by Peruvian exporters. What differs Spinipterus sp 'Novia Otorongo' from Spinipterus acsi (apart from the obvious difference in colour and pattern) is that in the former the pectoral and dorsal fin spines get proportionately much longer, particularly when adult, and the additional rows of spines on these fins are not as distinct (but they are present) and are arranged in a different formation on the pectoral fin spines (Grant S.,2011). The combination of features make impossible to place the new species into any of the existing auchenipterid genera, so the authors, Akama & Ferraris, created a new genus Spinipterus.

Common Name:

Otorongo woodcat, Novia Otorongo






South America: Peru, Río Otorongo


12.0cm. (4¾ins)


22-26°c (71-79°f.)




Akama, A & CJ Ferraris Jr, 2011. Spinipterus, a new genus of small, spiny catfish (Siluriformes: Auchenipteridae) from the Peruvian Amazon. Zootaxa 2992: 52-60.
Grant, Steven. Spinipterus acsi Akama & Ferraris 2011 -A new, strange, dwarf Driftwood Catfish, with comments on the 'Novia Otorongo' Woodcatfish
(Siluriformes: Auchenipteridae). CatChat, The Journal of the Catfish Study Group. Volume 12, Issue 4. October 2011.



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