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Corydoras eques Steindachner, 1877

Image contributors to this species:

Hans-Georg Evers (1) Graham Ramsay (3) Haakon Haagensen (1) Allan James (3)

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Relevant Information:

There are three species that are very similar. The first species depicted here was collected in the type locality for C. eques in Brazil and is the true C. eques. The other two species that are alike are from Peru, one is caught alongside C. rabauti in the upper Ucayali, Corydoras cf. eques, which has been given the CW number of CW043 and is almost identical to C. eques apart from a slight difference in body shape and colour pattern  and the other is captured alongside C. zygatus and has been given the CorydorasWorld number of CW007. Aquarium Care: This is akin to most of this genus, very peaceful, and would be best housed with small to medium sized tankmates such as Tetras, Rasboras and Danios or in a species tank for breeding purposes. Best to purchase 6 individuals or more as they will be happier in a group. Diet: Readily accepts a mixed and varied diet which includes granular foods, tablet food, frozen bloodworm and good quality flake to name but a few. Remarks: CW043 and C. eques are now one and the same species.

Common Name:

Horseman Cory, CW043


Osteogaster eques




South America: Brazil; Amazonas, Rio Amazonas at Codajas


5.0cm. Male (2ins) 5.5cm Female (2¼ins)


22-26°C (71-79°F)







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