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Corydoras oiapoquensis Nijssen, 1972

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Allan James (3) Sandy Milne (1) Mark Goh (1) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (3)

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Sympatric with the long snouted C. condisipulus. Aquarium Care: A tank setup would entail a soft substrate such as sand or a small gravel and a nice plant covering around the back and sides of the aquarium. If housed in a community tank a mixture of small South American characins or the smaller varieties of Asian Rasboras would suffice, as larger fishes would intimidate these shy Cory's, and would stop them eating and would be therefore detrimental to their overall health. Diet: The usual fare for adult Corydoras, a good quality flake food, tablet food, frozen bloodworm and whiteworm used sparingly.Young fry can be fed brine shrimp from a very early age and grow quick in the first month, then they are apt to slow down.

Common Name:

Stripe Tailed Panda






South America: French Guiana; Cumuri Creek at left bank of Río Oiapoque upstream of first rapids of Grande Roche, southwest of village Oiapoque.


5.5cm (2¼ins)


23-25°C (73-77°F)


6.0 -7.2.


ScotCat Factsheet no. 14. August 1997



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