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Corydoras revelatus Cockerell, 1925

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Steve Pritchard (1) Eric McCabe (2)

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This was the first fossil of Corydoras which was discovered in Tertiary rock by Professor T. D. A. Cockerell of the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1925. The discovery was in Sunchal, Juyuy province, from the Maiz Formation of Argentina dating from the late Paleocene period (61-66 million years). Remarks: The green Tertiary rock measured 32mm and the imprint 27mm and it bears the outline of a Corydoras (Sands,D. 1983) What was noticed was that a flaw in the rock suggested that the dorsal spine was longer (Isbrücker) and the problem of the one dimensional shape of the fossil made it the subject of a new species, Corydoras revelatus Cockerell, 1925. It is now housed in the British Natural History Museum, London.

Common Name:

Fossil Cory






South America: Argentina; Jujuy district, Sunchal, from the Maiz Formation.


2.7cm (1¼ins)






Sands, David; Catfishes of the World, Volume 1 Callichthyidae.
Botanical Electronic News



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