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Corydoras schultzei "Black"

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Sandy Milne (1) Allan James (7) Ian M.Clift (1) Ivan Sokol (1)

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Relevant Information:

This aquarium strain was first bred in Germany in 1989 and is now being bred in the Czech Republic in large numbers. It has been bred from the schultzei-type variety of C. aeneus which some aquarists believe is [schultzei] a species in its own right and not a synomyn of C. aeneus as the scientific community state. There is a wild strain of the "Black Cory" which is a dark form of C. venezeulanus and has never commercially entered the hobby, so if you are having trouble distinguishing one from the other, here is a simple guide. Young C. schultzii "Black" tend to have all reddish fins which darken with maturity. C. venezuelanus look very similar to the young C. schultzii "Black", however both the normal C. venezuelanus we see in the hobby, and the dark form have reddish dorsal and adipose fins, but the caudal, anal and ventral fins are grey (Fuller). Aquarium Care: Will do well in a community setup with smaller tank mates such as Rasboras and Tetra's. Do not house with aggressive species or large Cichlids. Reproduction: Breeding is comparatively easy with cool water changes that lowers the temperature, triggering them off. Feed a good balanced diet making sure that they get their full quota of food if kept in a community tank. Diet: A good quality flake food provides all the essential vitamins that they need with extra feedings of frozen bloodworm, white worm (sparingly) and tablet food.

Common Name:

Black Cory, Black Schultzei






Aquarium strain


Male: 6.5cm (2½ins) Female: 7.0cm (2½ins)


22-26°C (71-79°F)




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