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Corydoras seussi Dinkelmeyer, 1996

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Allan James (2) Danny Blundell (3) Chris Ralph (2) Sandy Milne (1) Lindsay Dobree-Carey (2) Hans-Georg Evers (1)

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Similar to C. gossei Back to Family page Back to Family page which they are found alongside, but with a longer snout. Also found alongside CW069. All of these three mentioned species like a warmer temperature in the aquarium. Aquarium Care: A minimum size of 24” x 15” X 12” for a shoal of these catfish. The preferred substrate for keeping them should be good quality aquarium sand such as BD Aquarium Sand, or very smooth rounded gravel in order to prevent their barbels from being damaged. The aquarium should provide some shelter in the form of rocks, bogwood and aquatic plants. As with all other species of fish, water quality and general husbandry is very important, and I would recommend that the aquarist undertake a minimum of 25% water change on a fortnightly basis. Diet: As with all the other Corydoras, Corydoras seussi readily accepts a mixed and varied diet. sinking pellets, good quality flake foods, granular foods, cultured whiteworm and frozen foods such as bloodworm to name but a few.

Common Name:

C027, Seuss' Corydoras






South America: Brazil; Mamoré River basin


7.0cm (2¾ins)


24-27°C (75-81°F)


6.0 -7.2.


ScotCat Factsheet no. 126. Dec. 2006.



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