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Auchenoglanis senegali Retzer, 2010

Image contributors to this species:

Birger Kamprath (2)

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Relevant Information:

Teugels et al. (1991) considered the genus Auchenoglanis to be comprised of two valid species: A. biscutatus and A. occidentalis.. Due to the work carried out recently (2010) by Michael Retzer there are now 8 in this genus with six new species, A. acuticeps, A. biscutatus, A. occidentalis, A. sacchii, A. senegali, A. tanganicanus, A. tchadiensis and A. wittei. The thumbnail images are of the same individual taken one hour apart, same overhead light, flash, camera...colour difference is caused by the change in substrate (Kamprath B.). Aquarium Care: It is very tolerant to most water parameters and as such you can keep it in a low p.H. (6.5) with larger Characins or Barbs or even in a Lake Tanganyika setup with Cichlids from that lake in harder water, but my choice would be to stick with the former soft and acidic conditions for a more contented individual(s). Diet: A varied diet of bloodworm, mysis, pellet/tablet and some vegetable foods.

Common Name:

Senegal Giraffe Cat






Africa: Senegal. Type Locality: Saint-Louis, Forom River, Camp Djoudj, 16°22'N, 16°16'W, Senegal.


20cm. (8ins)


24-26°C (75-79°F)




Retzer E. Michael; Taxonomy of Auchenoglanis Günther 1865 (Siluriformes: Auchenoglanididae) Zootaxa 2655: 25–51 (2010).
Kamprath, Birger; pers comm. March 2013.



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