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Erethistes jerdoni (Day 1870)

Image contributors to this species:

Steven Grant (2) Adrian Taylor (2) Beta Mahatvaraj (4) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (4)

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Relevant Information:

The images of the albino specimen were collected from Toofangang, Coochbehar District, West Bengal and was only the second albino specimen to be collected there. Occurs in slow-moving hill streams with sandy bottom, rivers and beels. A very sluggish fish. Aquarium Care: A sand substrate that has small rounded pebbles roughly scattered in amongst it, with a few grass and fern like plants intermittently planted would make an ideal biotype for them to live in. Small danio's and rasbora's make excellent tank mates. Good water quality is essential in keeping these catfish for any length of time or attempting to breed them, as they tend not to tolerate too well nitrate levels above 12.5mg/l. Ideally a pH range from 6.7 to 7.2 and a GH between 6 and 12 should be provided. Temperature is not critical as long as there is a high level of dissolved oxygen present at the higher temperatures, however; they seem more at home in the cooler temperatures of between 20°C and 22°C. Diet: Varied live foods such as small bloodworms, grindal worms, sifted daphnia, cyclops and newly hatched brine shrimp should be provided as they tend not to feed on prepared food. Remarks:There are some publications that still sight this species as Hara jerdoni. Erethistes jerdoni was named due to a paper published in 2006 by Ichthyologists Alfred W Thompson & Lawrence M. Page of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Ferraris (2007) also stated that the Erethistidae be moved back into the Sisoridae family. This species is still listed as Hara jerdoni in Fishbase but this name is treated as a synomyn in The Catalog of Fishes.

Common Name:

Dwarf Anchor Catfish


Hara jerdoni




Asia: India, Bangladesh. Type locality: River Kosi, now Hooghly River south of Ranaghat, by neotype designation.


2.5cm. (1ins)


23-27°c (72-78°f.)




Thomson, A.W. and L.M. Page 2006 Genera of the Asian catfish families Sisoridae and Erethistidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes). Zootaxa 1345:1-96.
Adrian Taylor: pers. comm.



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