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Hara koladynensis Anganthoibi & Vishwanath, 2009

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Dr. Lalramliana (3)

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Relevant Information:

Hara koladynensis is distinguished from its congeners by the following combination of characters: rough (vs. smooth or serrated) anterior margin of dorsal spine; longer head (36.0-38.3% SL vs. 24.8-34.2) and post-adipose distance (18.6-21.9% SL vs. 12.3-18.3); deeper body (21.9-25.2% SL vs. 11.5-20.9) and shorter preanal length (58.5-60.9% SL vs. 63.2-75.2). Aquarium Care: A tank with a sandy bottom and rounded stones and pebbles with a good water flow as befits an asian hillstream setup. Good water quality is a must for this family. Keep the water temperature on the cool side of a tropical aquarium. Tank mates such as mediam sized barbs will make good tankmates. Diet: Prefers live foods such as bloodworm, grindle worm, white worm and daphnia. Remarks: Collected in the Kolodyne river, Mizoram, India by Dr. Lalramliana, Assistant Professor of Department of Zoology, Pachhunga University College, Mizoram.

Common Name:







Asia: India. Presently known from Koladyne River at Mizoram.


6.5cm. (2½ins)


18-24°C (63 -75°F)




Anganthoibi, N. and W. Vishwanath, 2009. A new catfish, Hara koladynensis from northeastern India (Siluriformes: Erethistidae). J. Threatened Taxa 1(9):466-470.
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