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Pseudolaguvia muricata Ng, 2005

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Beta Mahatvaraj (1) Adrian Taylor (1) Gareth Savage (1)

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Dorsal soft rays (total): 5; Anal soft rays: 10 - 11; Vertebrae: 28 - 30. Differs from its congeners by having elongate dorsal (21.2-26.7% SL) and pectoral (26.8-35.7% SL) spines. Differs from Pseudolaguvia foveolata in having a thoracic adhesive apparatus reaching beyond the base of the last pectoral-fin ray, a shorter caudal peduncle (12.6-15.7% SL vs. 20.7) and fewer vertebrae (28-30 vs. 33); from P. kapuri in having a shorter adipose-fin base (12.3-16.1% SL vs. 17.1-18.8); from P. ribeiroi in having a shorter caudal peduncle (12.6-15.7% SL vs. 16.4-18.2); and from P. inornata in having (vs. lacking) light brown patches on the body and a shorter caudal peduncle (12.6-15.7% SL vs. 16.3-19.0). Further differs from P. shawi in lacking a colour pattern of strongly contrasting brown and yellow bands and in having a larger interorbital distance (31.4-36.7% HL vs. 23.4-29.6); from P. tenebricosa in having a shorter caudal peduncle (12.6-15.7% vs. 16.9-18.9); and from P. tuberculata in having a shorter adipose-fin base (12.3-16.1% SL vs. 16.8-22.7) and caudal peduncle (12.6-15.7% SL vs. 16.2-20.1). Remarks: This small species is found in clear, shallow, slow-flowing stream with a mixed substrate of sand and detritus.

Common Name:

Tiger Bee Cat






Asia: Brahmaputra River drainage in Bangladesh. Type locality: Rangapani Khal (creek), 6 km NNW of Jaintapur on Sylhet-Shilling highway, 25°10’N, 92°6'E, [Brahmaputra drainage] Sylhet district, Bangladesh.


2.5cm ( 1ins)


22-24°C (71-75°F)




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Ng, H.H., 2005. Two new species of Pseudolaguvia (Teleostei: Erethistidae) from Bangladesh. Zootaxa 1044:35-47.
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