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Pseudolaguvia ribeiroi (Hora, 1921)

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Deepak Nopany (AquaJapan) (1) Beta Mahatvaraj (6)

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Relevant Information:

Benthopelagic. Inhabits pools and runoff areas of swift streams. Also found in mountain rapids. Feeds on worms and insects. Specimens 2, 3 and 4 were collected from the Jorai river at Barobisha, Jalpaiguri Dist, West  Bengal and the last two were collected at Rydak II near Shipra, Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal. Aquarium Care: A tank with a sandy bottom and rounded stones and pebbles with a good water flow as befits an asian hillstream setup. Good water quality is a must for this family. Keep the water temperature on the cool side of a tropical aquarium. Tank mates such as the zebra danio (Brachydanio rerio) and asian fish such as Rasboras of the same small size will make good tankmates. Diet: Prefers live foods such as bloodworm, grindle worm, daphnia and Artemia naupli. Remarks: Ferraris (2007) stated that the Erethistidae be moved back into the Sisoridae family.

Common Name:

Painted catfish


Glyptothorax ribeiroi, Laguvia ribeiroi, Laguvia ribeiroi ribeiroi




Asia: India and Nepal. Reported from Bangladesh


8.0cm ( 3¼ins)


22-24°C (71-75°F)




Siddiqui, K.U., Islam, M.A., Kabir, S.M.H., Ahmad, M., Ahmed, A.T.A., Rahman, A.K.A., Haque, E.U., Ahmed, Z.U., Begum, Z.N.T., Hassan, M.A., Khondker, M. and Rahman, M.M. (eds). 2007. Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh. Vol.23. Freshwater Fishes . Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka. 300p.
Adrian Taylor: pers. comm.



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