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In Topic: Blue-eyed Panaque found at LFS!

04 October 2005 - 06:18 PM

Hello all-
I was lucky enough to find a blue-eyed panaque at a local fish store, which was a turn-in by owner. (he/she has already eaten twice since being put into my tank at home today, poor thing is very skinny right now.) I think it's a female but can't tell for sure, also I understand that there are two different types of blue eyed panaque.
mine measures at least 8" long. (it is hiding at the back of the tank right now, and we didn't measure it when we first got it home tonight.)
I have some pictures but the camera quality is very bad, so hope these will help to ID this find.
Thank you very much in advance for any help that you can give me - I appreciate it!


side view 1

side view 2


how much did it cost

In Topic: Cory tank setup

04 October 2005 - 05:51 PM

coral gravel!?
Where can i find something like that?
Are you sure it lovers GH & KH, but stabilizes pH???
This would be somekind of cure for my tap water...GH >20, KH=20...


coral gravel is the gravel you use in a marine tank because the water needs to have a ph of 8.3