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Help with my catfish (2 yrs no babies yet)

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Posted 23 September 2008 - 06:50 AM

I have 17 synodontis lucipinnis that were sold to me as petricola (yet I have since learned from others these are lucipinnis) still love these active little catfish and really want to see them breed even if it is just once in my lifetime.

I am coming in asking for tips help suggestions, after 2 yrs of nothing I am wondering what it will take to get these to breed even ONE time, basically what am I doing wrong.

They are in a 75 gallon tank with 10 yellow labs and 3 red shoulder (cichlids) I did have them in a 55 gallon on their own for almost a year with NO other fish, still no reproduction of anykind so I put them in my main showtank in livingroom so I could at least enjoy looking at them.

The water temp is 81, ph 8.2, 4x normal filteration and I do regular water changes, the fish reproduce constantly, yet the catfish after 2 yrs here are large yet are not producing any babies.

I currently have one that is very thick in the belly i am hoping this is a female and she is holding eggs (can anyone confirm from this picture?)

I have two flower pot topped clear bowl with black marble caves i built and daily i change them out to check for eggs and replace with the other (so there is always a clean new one in the tank). So far all i get is substrate (3m colorquartz) sorta like sand, and some debris from the fish floating around that happen to settle in the base of the bowl.

Here are the bowls i made anything I am doing wrong?

If I am correct that the thick fish is holding eggs, (have seen others like this in the past) yet they aren't taking to the cave and breeding in there (altho i watch them often and many do explore the cave), what am i missing or not doing right?

When a catfish has a belly full like i think mine does in the picture above, how long before they go spit the eggs out (hopefully being fertilized at that time)?

When my fish mate i let them spit in the tank, i always see babies around the base of the plants and in small areas, yet I have never in 2 yrs seen a single catfish baby, so i doubt the babies are being born and are being 100% eaten before I even see one.

Just looking for some help suggestions tips based on my info above and or what else i can do look for etc to make these catfish have even ONE successful batch of fry.

Bill smile.gif

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Posted 24 September 2008 - 02:28 PM

Hi Bill,

I don't see much wrong in what you are doing. There has been spawnings with or without tankmates but I would go with no tankmates as this seems to be the most successful. Your water parameters seem to be o.k. as well. On this subject I was talking to a breeder at the weekend who breeds petricola and polli and after a few years of successful spawnings of his petricola they just stopped 3 years ago and he can't get them going again. His polli are still producing and he doesn't know why they have stopped so you may be just have to get that little bit of luck to get them going. That is certainly a female you have there but you would also have to have males that are sexually active and mature. I myself have just started up a breeding project with 4 petricola with one of them definitely a female as you will see in the following pictures. I have also included my breeding setup. I was unable to get black marbles and have had to make do with what I had. We have 2 articles on the site on petricola here. http://www.scotcat.c...s/article25.htm http://www.scotcat.c...s/article30.htm

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