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Hemibagrus Variegatus

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#1 andy rushworth

andy rushworth


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Posted 28 June 2008 - 10:53 AM

Hi all, just rescently aquired a H.Variegatus , this fish is about 10 inches at the moment , a friend was getting rid of his collection and offered me a few cyprinids and this handsome cat , so i thought why not ! anyway i wondered if any of the people here might have some info [experience ] at the moment this fish is housed in a 3ft x 15 x 15 tank , the guy who gave it to me tryed it with his H.Wykii , but apparently this was a bad combo ! the Variegatus nearly killed his Wykii , anyway he separated them and the wykii made a full recovery !my intention is to upgrade its tank size as it grows , this fish seems to eat pretty much anything its given i.e. earthworms , pellets, Doromin , and prawns .
It is a powerful fish and throws the internal filter around his tank , i say he, as it is quite slim BUT in wonderful condition ,i have put a pipe in and he spends all his daylight hours hiding in it !
I was tempted to keep it in a bare tank to try and make him tame , has anyone got views on this ? there was one for sale at BAS and this fish would investigate anyone near his tank ! i suspect this was just seeing if the figure was edible or not ?

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Posted 28 June 2008 - 12:34 PM

Hi Andy smile.gif

NIce to see you here..

WOW, Nice fish, but it was only described as recently as 2000, by Heok Hee Ng
I would be surprised if any one has looked after these or has kept these until they reach maturity in the UK. (1200mmSL, I think rather than the 120mm SL listed on Fish Base. but maybe Bagrus dude can confirm)?.
I know that you are pretty good at fish husbandry on a wide range of species; so you might be a trail blazer so to speak, I am sure Allan wouldn't mind if you kept us lot, regularly updated on how things develop over the coming months and years. biggrin.gif
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Posted 28 June 2008 - 10:36 PM

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the SC forums and as Adrian has so rightly put we don't know a great lot about keeping this species but if it is like most of this genus it will be very nasty and may have to be kept on his own or with large Cichlids. I don't see anything wrong with a bare bottomed tank as it will be easier to keep clean. I have kept young Hemibagrus wyckioides before, four of them were given to me by an Aquarist who wanted rid of and I know why as they really roughed each other up.

If you get the chance, some pictures would be very welcome for the photo gallery smile.gif

For the record the Holotype is in the British Museum of Natural History, number BMNH 1992.11.16.11.
Hemibagrus variegatus Ng & Ferraris, 2000: 139, fig. 12. Type locality: Tenasserim River, Myanmar.

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