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Redtail Catfish

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Posted 25 August 2005 - 10:49 PM

Does anyone know how to determine the sex of the RTC? and, have they
been bred in captivity? Thanks in advance.


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Posted 01 September 2005 - 10:20 PM

Hi There,

I have been given the information that you have asked for from Daphne Lawley who writes for the U.K. fishkeeping magazine, Practical Fishkeeping, on mostly big cats as she has kept most of the large catfish that have appeared on the market, below is Daphne's answer.

In answer to the question - with regards to breeding RTCats, I know of no
private individuals who have big enough facilities to attempt this - one
would have to have a tropical pond of staggering proportions - there are
many different speculations, some people think they are mouth-brooders,
another train of thought is that they build a nest in submerged roots, but
none of these are confirmed. In the far east, where they are bred
artificially, the males and females are stripped of milt and eggs and the
fertilised eggs are then reared under controlled conditons. It follows that
the breeders must be able to sex the adults in order to be able to do this,
but the knowledge required for sexing is not made available to the general
fishkeeping world and is a closely guarded secret, for obvious reasons.

What we know about sexing them is mere conjecture - we do know that females
get much larger than males - up to six foot or so. Some say that males have
better colouration in the caudal fin and have more pointed pectoral and
ventral fins, whilst the females' corresponding fins are more rounded. It is
also said (and quite logically) that when viewed from above the females have
a more robust and plump body shape but none of this is substantiated.

The best information I have found is in David Sands's book, The Emperor of
the Amazon - this book is well worth obtaining and is the result of many
years of research and study of the species and can be obtained from
[email protected]


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