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In Topic: Rainbow shark moved to his own tank

29 May 2008 - 01:50 AM

Sharks used to be my thing until I got hooked on cats.

I had a Black Shark that did nothing but hide behind the tank heater for about 2 months. Then when he got a little bigger, he attacked one of my schwartzi's, wounding it to the point where I couldn't save him. I moved him to his own 20L gal after that and gave him plenty of plants, wood, and caves to hide and play around. He was fine for about 6 months, until he outgrew the tank, at which point I gave him to a nearby vet office that had a large 150 gal aggressive fish tank.

I think you should be okay for a month with a Rainbow shark, but I would definitely think about something in a 20-30 gal size minimum. You could add a couple of semi-aggressives if you are worried about such a large tank for just one fish. Just make sure they are the same size or bigger. (I had a trio of Bala's mixed with a Redshark in a 29Gal that got along fine).

In Topic: Any ideas on this Cory?

22 May 2008 - 09:47 PM

Thanks for the input. I guess it getting rather portly. I used to have 2 others with an almost identical spot pattern and body size, along with 2 schwartzi's and and two others that may have been agassizi's, but unfortunately, they have all passed sad.gif . It's a shame that I don't see more of these anymore. Trilineatus' are beginning to show up again here, but I'm still looking for more like this one. Nothing against the paleatus' and albino aenus' I see all the time here, but this one doesn't seem like to hang with other corys who don't have spots. At least it's warmed up to the young trilineatus I added this week.

In Topic: Anyone else keep/raise Microglanis?

06 May 2008 - 02:46 AM

Here's two very blurry pics, but they don't capture just how big she is.
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In Topic: Feeding problems

29 April 2008 - 01:19 AM

Their bellies are as big as they usually are.. although I noticed today that the color of the feces string from one of them was a different color than usual, more green than the usual dark brown. So I guess I'm worrying over nothing.. they are still alive.. I should be grateful since I never seem to have much luck with Oto's living very long. These two are going on two years now. I'll have to try the zucchini. I do feed the tetra's frozen bloodworms about once a week, and a lot seem to fall to the bottom, so maybe the oto's are finishing them off. I always assumed it was the microglanis' eating all the meaty stuff on the bottom.

I managed to get a couple of albino cory's today from a LFS, and they look rather lively. A few days in the isolation/acclimation tank before introduction to the main tank. Not sure how they'll react with the other cory. They don't seem to have any problem eating at least. Hopefully I can chalk all this up to an over-worrying keeper. Thanks.

In Topic: Feeding problems

28 April 2008 - 06:20 PM

I've tried the cucumber, but to no avail. I've also never had any luck with the algae wafers from Tetra, Hikari, and Aqurian brands. All of them just sit there all day and night, untouched. I feed the Microglanis the tetramin tablets, but they are usually pretty good at snatching those up quickly, so I don't know if the Oto's are getting to that at all.

Are Oto's more of a nocturnal eater? Should only feed them at night? I've only really seen them eat during the day, but that was in their old tank which had plenty of brown algae on the glass for them to munch on. I've also tried to feed them Spirulina pellets, but I can never tell if those are being eaten by the cory or oto's, but I have seen the microglanis eat them before (they are such pigs!). I would hate to have to let nitrate levels elevate to the point where algae propagates freely, but I just don't know what else to try.

On an unrelated topic, does anyone know if the trade of Cory's is seasonal? The only cory's I see around here (US) nowadays are the Peppered and Bronze varieties, but I'd like to give my sole survivor more of the spotted variety like C-130, so he at least looks similiar to his mates. It's rather depressing to just watch him hide in a cave out of the light during the day and just barely come out at night. Kinda makes me wish I was across the pond with you guys. Seems like you guys don't have the trouble in obtaining various species that I encounter over here. I'm actually starting to get a little more worried now, as my Cory did not eat at all yesterday or last night. Whether or not he's not eating because of the loss of his mates or he's sick beats me.. but to see the food left in the tank in the morning is troubling.