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bristlenose catfish 1st spawn

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Posted 10 February 2007 - 07:02 AM

hi my names lewis
as you have probably already figured out this post is about breeding one of the most popular catfishes in the hobby, the bristlenose plec.
im not only writing this because i want to document what happened to me, but because there isnt realy that many of these out there on
the web.
i bought my 2 bristlenose plecs roughly a month and a half ago under the name of "bristlenose breeding pair". i didnt realy belive that they would actually breed but i bought them anyway(i think they were $45 for them both)when i got them they were about 8 cms long and the male had a few bristles around his "nose". when i got home i stuck the bag in the tank and waited 20 mins. the tank that they were in is a 3 foot 100 litre tank with alot of rocks and a few plants. its tankmates were 2 electric yellows, 2 red forest jewels, 1 whiptail,a lemon cichlid and a kribensis. i know these arnt the best choices but they get along fine.everything was doing good untill about 2 weeks ago when i noticed that the male bristlenose had gone missing. insted of stirring up the water i decided to wait untill the next water change which happened to be at the weekend. so eventually i found the male and he was guarding about 40 eggs!! i was realy exited.so instantly i set up a small 1.5 foot tank ( that was all i had)and filled it with the water from the tank. after i had dug out a spare filter, heater and air pump from under my bed i gave them a quik wash and stuck them in. after that i transfered the male and his rock with the eggs stuck to into my new tank. from then on all i have done is change the water 25% every day and feed the dad. after about 5-6 days as eggs they will hatch into little eggs with clear tails coming out. each day after that they will start to get bigger and their egg sacks will reduce in size. after about the 4th day they will start to get darker and they will start to grow finns. once the egg sack has gone then they will start to leave the rock/cave that they were layed on. you will also start to need feeding them. i fond that courgette(zuccinni) works best. i didnt bother blanching mine because they are already soft so i just stuck a teaspoon through its middle. they can be fed on alot of other things such as powdered spirulina flakes, romaine lettuce, shelled peas, and lots of other veggies. also dont clean the algea off the tank because they love it!!. the male can be left in all this time because supprisingly he dosent eat them. you can sell them at about 3.5 cms long which will take approx. 2-3 months depending on what you feed them.
these are lovly fish and i highly recomond them to anyone
by lewis burnett

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Posted 10 February 2007 - 07:07 PM

Hi Lewis,

First of all welcome to the SC forums and secondly well done on your breeding sucess. If you have access to a digi camera and get a chance of any pictures to show us that would be a bonus. smile.gif

Log on to the site for all of your catfish needs
at ScotCat
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Posted 12 February 2007 - 12:55 PM

Hi, well done,
maybe it would help others to tell us a bit about the water (hardness/temp/etc).
I have bred a few batches of young BNs and sold at local shop , well swapped for fish food, but have now sold the parents as too overrun with them and need to unclutter the tanks as I have another plec breeding now instead. But its so exciting to watch the young grow and spa with each other. mine like cooked peas with the skin off, so whenever we are having peas they always get saved some.

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Posted 13 February 2007 - 10:46 AM

temp is at around 26 c and the ph is around 7.0 i dont have a clue about hardness lol

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