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06 March 2006 - 02:20 AM

as the laziest member of this whole site I can only say the plan is set.
just need time is all
have a :unsure: ummm court case to deal with and then r&r.
still here, still good to go
jesus is life distracting though.
still not going anywhere will pull me finger out.... need someone eternally kicking me ass to get me moving atm though!

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27 November 2005 - 04:16 PM

Ok thought I better report in. My work has moved most of the tanks to the new shop and we will be tweaking them over next few weeks.
Then I am going to put my fishing liscence to good use and go catch me a monster. Worm the sucker and put him in an 8foot with a mangrove jack.
Local guy told me today that they are not spawning very much yet as the water is still too cold, but a customer has spotted a nest in her creek so should be more soon.
3am..... I gotta hit the hay.

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09 November 2005 - 12:49 PM

Looking forward to that :)

Ok first mission wasn't so Successful. Caught 2 baby tandanus about 6cm long in elodea strands that had detached and were floating in chest deep water. Just used a scoop net. Have given them a worming and they are now swimming in an African cichlid tank.
The site I have selected to do this is a classic 'riffle' area. A sorta choke point that turns a larger creek into a bendy series of rapids with lots of narrow val. The slower wider areas have the larger adults.
Have not seen any nests but have not had much time to look.
Our first attempt to handline a big one was frustrated by eels. Fun to catch the big ones but they scare the crap out of everything else around when you pull them in.

My work is upgrading to a new building which will make me a little busy but another mission is in the works. Kids and big kids had a good time...... next time we bring home a good sized monster.


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29 October 2005 - 08:19 AM

Rock and roll.
Got a few friends who have kids interested now.
Now just have to get everyone in the one place at once. These cats can get pretty big but I think they will look chunk next to a kid hey.
See how I go but should be able to get a cross section of the biotype for you peoples who want a local creek catfish tank.

molusc/crust/invert/fish/reptile/plant....... think I'll leave out the birds and monotremes.

In Topic: Looking for help

24 October 2005 - 01:47 AM

Hi fatcatfish,

First of all welcome to the SC forums and I hope you enjoy visiting.

Yes I would like very much to get some images of Tandanus, all very welcome :)
I will add your comments into the factsheet and it looks like you live in a nice part of the world.

I'm not too sure of the ins and outs of shipping cats out of Aussie but we did have an influx a couple of years ago with Tandanus and a couple of Neosilurus species also in one of our biggest outlets in the north of England but I haven't seen them since.

Thanks for the welcome dude!
Yea shipping from/into oz is a bit of a nightmare for fish.
I work in a petshop and just have to cross the old fingers and look out of the odd 'contaminant' that slips thru.
Have a pretty solid week coming up with a takeover and shop move going down at work. But after that have a few trips planned into spots with lots of cattys. They are not a popular fish around here. I like them because I can catch them and put them in with Mangrove Jacks who will just kill and eat most catfish.
But yea if ya want some bio-type pics Happy to please...... just gotta remember to take the dig camera!!