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In Topic: Dwarf catfish ID needed

04 June 2008 - 07:06 AM

Had a quick shufty and whilst the shots are great of the side and look the same I really want to clinch the deal with a front head view to see the markings are the same, any chance of a photo of that ?

Snooped over most of the net and same goes for most of the shots on there, great side views but very few clear front head shots :-(

Update seen some and yep you are right another name I found them under were San Juan Cory !!!

Great and thanks for your help, maybe I'll have a go at trying to breed them later in the year when they mature up a bit, defo got at least 2 females, just need to verify if I have males when I get back from Oz in July until then they can sit with my pygmaeus.

Not chance of them cross breeding is there ? blush.gif

If so then I may need to remove them to another tank. ph34r.gif