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Taxonomy of Auchenoglanis

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 04:06 PM

Zootaxa 2655: 25–51 (2010)

Taxonomy of Auchenoglanis Günther 1865 (Siluriformes: Auchenoglanididae)


Teugels et al. (1991) considered the genus Auchenoglanis to be comprised of two valid species: A. biscutatus and A.
occidentalis. A new analysis of all the nominal species and subspecies of the genus supports the recognition of all
nominal taxa as species. Each species is diagnosed primarily on mensural characters, size and shape of the premaxillary
tooth patches, and pigmentation patterns. In addition, a new species, Auchenoglanis senegali, is described from Senegal.

The first two species of Auchenoglanis to be described were Pimelodus biscutatus Geoffroy St. Hilaire, 1808 and Pimelodus occidentalis Valenciennes, 1840. Bleeker (1858) described Auchenaspis into which P. biscutatus and P. occidentalis were placed. Günther (1865) then replaced the name of Auchenaspis with Auchenoglanis when the former name was found to be preoccupied by Auchenaspis Egerton. It was then during the early 1900’s when many species of Auchenoglanis were described primarily by prominent European ichthyologists particularly Boulenger. Teugels et al. (1991) reviewed and narrowed the definitions of Auchenoglanis Günther, 1865, Parauchenoglanis Boulenger, and described a new genus, Anaspidoglanis Teugels, Risch, de Vos, & Thys van den Audenaerde, 1991. They recognized that most of the species previously placed in Auchenoglanis were actually members of Parauchenoglanis. Indeed, they recognized only two species of Auchenoglanis: A. biscutatus (Geoffroy St. Hilaire) and A. occidentalis (Valenciennes). However, the large distribution of Auchenoglanis across many basins in Africa suggests that the genus is more diverse than presently recognized. Western Africa alone has four areas of fish endemism (Hugueny & Lévêque 1994) with each of these areas having species of Auchenoglanis present. A new species, Synodontis macropunctata (Wright & Page 2008) also suggests that the diversity of other large bodied catfishes (i.e., Auchenoglanis) in the Congo Basin is greater than previously thought. Lake Rukwa has a fish fauna that is estimated to be approximately one third endemic and this suggests that its population of Auchenoglanis could be an unrecognized form(Seegers 1996).

Thare are now 8 species listed in this paper.

Auchenoglanis acuticeps, Auchenoglanis biscutatus, Auchenoglanis occidentalis, Auchenoglanis sacchii, Auchenoglanis senegali, Auchenoglanis tanganicanus, Auchenoglanis tchadiensis and Auchenoglanis wittei

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