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Pseudancistrus niger (Norman, 1926)

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Yakov Oksman (1)

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Relevant Information:

Not so frequently occurring. Caught in rapid zones where Pseudancistrus barbatus lives although nothing is known of the ecological relationship between the two species. The odontodes on the extreme end of its snout and its pectoral spines are very well developed. Aquarium care: Not the easiest species to maintain in the aquarium as it will need pristine water conditions with well filtered water which should not be too hard. Warm water should be the norm. Sexual differences: Males have a broad head and posses long bristles along the edge of the snout. Diet: Aufwuch grazer, mainly vegetarian, with lettuce, spinach, cucumber and courgette (zucchini), vegetarian flake and tablets. Will eat other foods also such as insect larvae, zooplankton and soft wood but will need to be kept on a mainly green diet.

Common Name:



Guyanancistrus niger, Hemiancistrus niger, Lasiancistrus niger


Loricariidae ycipitidae


South America : Oyapock River basin, French Guiana. Type locality: Oyapock River at Sant [sic] Cafesoca, French Guiana.


20cm. (8ins)


24-28°c (75-83°f.)




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