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Synodontis gambiensis Günther, 1864

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Frants Lehmann (1 stamp)

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Occurs in shallow sheltered areas. Omnivore, feeds on algae, nymphs, arthropods and mollusks. Oviparous. Aquarium Care: reported to be very belligerent towards other tank mates so would need to be housed in a large aquarium to dilute this aggression. Would need this large tank if keeping a group of S.gambiensis. Remarks: Considered to be a synonym of Synodontis schall by Lévêque et al. (1989: 120) and Paugy (in Lévêque et al., 1992: 561) which would account for the aggressive behavior.

Common Name:



Synodontis gambiensis latifrons




Africa: Niger, Chad, Gambia, Géba, Taja, Waange, Volta and Ouémé basins.


32cm. (12¾ins)


22 -28°C (71 -83°F)




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