All L-Numbers New Revised Edition - $ 85.00
With this completely revised edition of one of the most successful aquarium fish books of the last decade, a new important chapter in the history of the aquarium hobby has been written. This book covers all L-Numbers from 1 to 350 and all LDA-Numbers from 1 to 76 on 272 pages. All important information and care instructions are given under the photos with international symbols. The explanation of the symbols is given in 10 different languages inside the book. Sucker-mouth catfishes (scientific name: Loricariidae) are given an L or LDA number if they are imported for the aquarium hobby but cannot be unequivocally assigned to any described species. Due to the immense individual variation in coloration and body-shape of the particular species it is often difficult to identify them. Thus more than 1.800 photographs have been used to solve this problem. This book is accepted worldwide as reference work for dealers, breeders and all aquarists who enjoy keeping these wonderful fishes.
Mergus Catfish Atlas (German Edition) - $ 54.00
The family Loricariidae Suckermouth armored catfishes contains over 650 described species and plenty undescribed. Many of these are famous aquarium fishes. Our first Volume contains the subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae and Loricariinae with over 900 colored photographs. Special regard is given on breeding and habitats.
All Corydoras - $ 34.00
All known plated catfish are presented. Besides the genera Aspidoras, Brochis, Callichthys, Corydoras, Dianema, and Hoplosternum all variants, mutants, hybrids, cultivated forms, and undescribed forms (C-numbers) are shown.
Corydoras - The most popular armoured catfishes of South America - $ 38.00
This is world-wide the most extensive publication on these fascinating fishes. Informative, practical, with marvellous photos and interesting details about the care and breeding. A must for every lover of Corydoras. 350 color photos, 130 drawings.
Aqualog Photo Collection #1 - African Catfishes - $ 33.00
This book contains 338 excellent photos of African catfishes, together with their international code numbers, scientific and hobby names, characteristics and maintenance requirements, etc.
Loricariidae - The Most Beautiful L-Numbers - $ 23.00
Fantastic poster with 64 of the most beautiful and popular L-numbers. Plus a lot of informative text about care, breeding etc. All L- and LDA-numbers are presented in AQUALOG all L-numbers and completing supplements on over 500 full colour photographs.

The World of Catfishes - $ 20.00
Although African catfishes are not as diverse taxonomically as those of the Amazon, they include unique groups such as the Mochokidae, in which there are more than 100 species, and the Malapteruridae, which can generate electricity.
Back to Nature Guide to Catfishes - $ 20.00
Catfishes are the most popular group of ornamental fishes available today ? ask any aquarist, retailer, wholesaler, importer, and exporter. Almost every aquarium community has its resident species. In nature catfishes thrive in torrential waterfalls, large lakes, thundering rivers, and quiet streams. They are mostly nocturnal, secretive, mysterious animals, and this factor certainly makes them attractive to hobbyists. Another factor behind their success is the wonderful multitude of sizes, shapes, and forms found throughout the world. In captivity most catfishes are adaptable to water conditions and they usually prove extremely resilient against diseases. This up-to-date guide provides an overview to species currently available and includes basic information on how to maintain them in captivity. 300 color photos.
Aqualog Extra - The Latest L-Numbers - $ 18.00
The Aqualog Extra The Latest L-Numbers will become available as from end September. This new Aqualog Extra contains many new mailed catfish: from L270 up to L333 and from LDA48 up to LDA76. As usual, you will find all characteristics and care instructions as language independent and easy understandable symbols. If you already have the standard work All L-numbers and all published supplements, you are with this book fully up-to-date.
Aqualog Extra v Corydoras: All C-Numbers - $ 18.00
The true mailed catfishes, with around 150 described species and at least as many not yet classified by science, form a highly complex group. All things considered, research into the systematic of these fishes, which are apparently all very closely related to one another, is very much in its infancy.rnNow, it is true that in the aquarium hobby it is not the scientific name of a species, but the live fish, that is the center of interest. However, it is sometimes necessary to be able to indicate what species we are talking about, and hence C-numbers were brought into being in the magazine DATZ (=Die Aquarien und Terrarienzeitschrift), for identifying Corydoradinae that have been imported but not yet identified.rnThe first C-numbers appeared in the DATZ of 12/1993. Since then a number of species have either been described as new species or identified as existing described species. The majority of C-numbers, however, remain just as difficult to classify as in the past. By the time the AQUALOG All Corydoras was published in 1996, there was already C-numbers 1 to 46. In the meantime we have reached C132 and there is no end in sight. But we nevertheless feel it makes sense to publish this complete list of all the C-numbers to date, compiled in line with the most recent knowledge. With over 270 photos and 48 pages, a must for the Corydoras lovers.
Poster Corydoras (Laminated) - $ 14.00
32 inches x 23 inches
Poster Loricariidae L-Numbers #1 (Laminated) - $ 14.00
Beautiful poster on high gloss paper (67 x 97 cm). Perfect for decorating your hobbyroom or exhibition
Poster Loricariidae L-Numbers #2 (Laminated) - $ 14.00
Beautiful poster on high gloss paper (67 x 97 cm). Perfect for decorating your hobbyroom or exhibition
My Corydoras - $ 10.00
The genus Corydoras comprises relatively small, bottom dwelling catfish, which seem to have been created for the aquarium. The fish prefer to live in small school and are always on the move. The really are attractive aquarium fish! There are over 300 of these nice fish, most of which are imported regularly.
Corydoras Catfishes - $ 6.00
A good beginner book for those interested in Corydoras
Hobbyist Guide to Catfish & Loaches - $ 6.00
The interest in catifsh and loaches has increased dramatically in recent years, both for specimen fish that are kept individually or in species aquarium, and for species that can be added to a community aquarium. In this Hobbyist Guide the husbandry and breeding of a range of catfish and loaches is described. Information is provided not only on the commonly available and popular species, but also for those which have recently been introduced to the hobby. Edited by ornamental fish authorities Dr. Paul Loiselle and Dr. David Pool, this book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in this interesting group of fishes.