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Oreoglanis macropterus (Vinciguerra, 1890)

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Zhou Hang (6)  

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Species Description: Dorsal soft rays (total): 6; Anal soft rays: 3 - 4; Vertebrae: 37 - 41. Lower lip lacking a median notch and having an entire posterior margin. Caudal fin emarginate. Male genital papilla immediately behind the anus in a depression terminating posteriorly with a straight transverse wall. Found in mountain streams. Oreoglanis is distinguished from Glyptosternon, Glaridoglanis, Euchiloglanis, Pareuchiloglanis and Parachiloglanis by having a continuous post-labial groove. It is distinguished from Pareuchiloglanis, Glyptosternon, Euchiloglanis, Myersglanis, and Parachiloglanis by having heterodont dentition in the lower jaw characterized by an inner row of pointed teeth and an outer row of short, spatulate (shovel-like) teeth (vs. a single band of conical teeth). Oreoglanis is distinguished from Pseudexostoma by having upper jaw teeth pointed, in two patches, joined into a continuous band (vs. heterodont dentition in two separated patches). It is distinguished from Exostoma by having the upper jaw teeth pointed, in two patches, joined into a continuous band (vs. having oar-shaped, distally flatted teeth in two separated patches), and 16–18 (vs. 10–11) branched pectoralrays.

Common Name:



Euchiloglanis macropterus, Exostoma macropterum, Oreoglanis macropterum, Glyptosternum macropternum




Asia: Distribution: Irrawaddy and Salween drainages, Myanmar and China. Type locality: Khahyen Hills, Upper Myanmar [Burma].


10cm. (4ins)


20-24°c (67-75°f.)




Ng, H.H. and W.J. Rainboth, 2001. A review of the sisorid catfish genus Oreoglanis (Siluriformes: Sisoridae) with descriptions of four new species. Occas. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Mich. (732):1-34.
Alfred W. Thomson & Lawrence M. Page; 30 October 2006. Genera of the Asian Catfish Families Sisoridae and Erethistidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes) (Zootaxa 1345)



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