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Sad end for turtle in drunken snog attempt


A man walked into the seafood section of a supermarket in China, stuck his head into an aquarium and tried to kiss a turtle, following a boozy night on the town in Hefei, Anhui Province.

But the turtle responded to his advances by clamping its jaws onto the man's mouth and refusing to let go.


Reports by local media say that supermarket staff had to cut off the turtle's head in order to free the man, who was treated in hospital before being taken by police to spend a night in the drunk tank.


The man didn't believe the incident had occurred until he was shown actual CCTV footage. Since then he has given up his claim against the supermarket for compensation.

From Practical Fishkeeping 13th June 2015


A Yellowtail rockfish, Sebastes flavidus, has been given a prosthetic eye in a procedure performed by vets at Vancouver Aquarium in Canada.

The fish had to have one of its eyes removed due to cataracts. A similar operation was also carried out on a Copper rockfish, S. caurinus. The procedure was performed by the Aquarium's head vet, Dr Martin Haulena, with help from Seattle Aquarium’s head vet, Dr. Lesanna Lahner. After putting the fish under anaesthetic, a taxidermy eye was fitted to the bone above the eye socket by sewing it on with nylon sutures and attaching it with titanium clips. Apart from the obvious cosmetic value, experts at the Aquarium say that the prosthetic eye will prevent other fish picking on the one-eyed individuals, which may be seen as sick or weakened.


From Practical Fishkeeping 9th January 2015

Cory Cats by Fryguy

In honor of my favorite fish -- The Coryadorables

Tiny little whiskers, 
upon a pudgy face,
so restlessly exploring, 
each and every place.

Sifting sand and sniffing rocks
constantly inquiring --
"Is there some treat for me to eat?
A morsel I'm desiring!"

Another lap around the tank,
to rummage through your lair,
and then a dash straight up above,
to grab a gulp of air.

Armored plates defend your flank,
and camouflage does hide you,
but still more easily you rest,
with several friends beside you.

Each time I have you figured out,
and all I have discovered,
another one unknown to me,
is suddenly uncovered.

So many shapes and sizes,
Stubby, short or squat,
and colored as the rainbow,
with stripe or bar or spot.

Your legendary cuteness,
no other fish can boast,
and to your personality
I raise a well earned toast.

I gaze upon your dwelling place;
Of all the fish I see --
Tis you and you alone I find,
that means the most to me.

    Fryguy from www.tomgriffin.com

Corydoras cacatoides !

Surely not I hear you say. Yes a new species caught on the 1st April 2001.
Thanks to Al Ngui at [email protected] for the first pictures of this new species :-)

Did you know!

A Mr.van Cartland whilst fishing at the the Okla weir a few miles below Delhi caught a Bagarius yarrellii that was 5 feet long and weighed 136lbs, in the year 1875.

During June 1933 Mr.F.G.Sounter caught a Wallago leerii that weighed 102lbs.was 5 foot 6 inches long and 43 inches at its greatest girth. It was caught in Perak. The head of the fish is now preserved at the museum in Kuala Lumpur.

A silver Citizen watch telling the right time was returned to Sally Serridge, 34, of Southampton, when a 2ft catfish regurgitated it two weeks after swallowing the timepiece which fell into a tank at Marwell Zoo, near Winchester, Hampshire.

Reference: Sunday Telegraph, March 4, 2001.
That in May each year the Pla Buek migrates up the Mekong River to reach its spawning grounds in China.
On the Laos/Thailand border of the river the fisherman gather to catch this catfish which can grow to 3 metres and weighs up to 300kg. If caught it can feed a Thai family on fish for a full year!

That the members of the genus Clarias have stiffened gill filaments to prevent collapse of their lamellae when the fish is on dry land.

Oh! what a crimeOh what a crime! notice the Corydoras robinae in the mouth of the Geophagus, I bet it couldn't swallow it though!.  

Picture taken at Pier Aquatics, Wigan.

Photo Credit: Helen Burns  

Did you know!

That the electric catfish ( Malapterurus electricus) can deliver a powerful shock of up to 350 volts - at times enough to stun a man. The shocks are produced principally in self-defence.
Reference: Cacutt, Len. Nature Fact Fishes.


The largest recorded specimen of the European wels (Silurus glanis) was 5m (16ft 5in) and weighed 306kg (675lb)
Reference: Cacutt, Len. Nature Fact Fishes.

Catfishes have a link of tiny bones that transmit vibrations picked up by the swimbladder to the inner ear, effectively boosting their hearing power.
Reference: Cacutt, Len. Nature Fact Fishes.

1994 -- In September, The Economist magazine reported that Japan's meteorology agency had recently completed a seven-year study to ascertain the validity of the Japanese legend that earthquakes are caused by catfish wiggling their tails. After trying to match catfish tail-wagging with a number of small earthquakes, the agency abandoned the study, refusing to confirm or criticize the legend.

Ouch! Truth or Fiction

Penis-biting fish go wild as men pee in river


July 09 2001 at 09:09AM

Port Moresby - Two Papua New Guinea fishermen bled to death after their penises were bitten off by pirahna-like river fish that pursue their prey by following urine trails in the water, police said.

The two men died in separate attacks several days apart on the Sepic River in Papua New Guinea's jungled northwest last month, but police say they have just confirmed the horrific rumours which have struck terror into the local communities.

In both incidents, the fish demonstrated a trait of the piranha by following the urine trail in the water, swimming to its source and then biting it off with their razor-sharp teeth.

Marine biologist Ian Middleton said he believed the fish had been introduced from across the PNG-Indonesia border.

"The killer fish have the most human-like teeth on the bottom jaw I have ever seen and quite possibly feed on insects," he told Australian Associated Press.

Middleton said he believed the killer fish had started biting humans because of a lack of naturally occurring food.

"The reason for biting people on their genitals I believe is a result of the fish detecting a chemical change in the water, swimming up the urine trail and biting the genitals." - Sapa-AFP

Reference: Independent Online

A Fishy Tale

A visitor to Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, England saw his beloved phone eaten by a catfish after he lost his grip on the handset. The four foot fish gulped it down and then had its stomach massaged by zookeepers to cough it up. Unbelievably the same fish had done it before with another phone.
Scottish Daily Record; March 19th 2004.



A FLOOD-HIT football club finally have something to cheer after making an unexpected signing-Billy the Fish. Carlisle United’s, Brunton Park was deluged by eight feet of water when the river Eden burst its banks last weekend. And when the pitch was drained, staff found a pet gold-fish swimming in the goal mouth. The only explanation anyone can give is that he was washed out of his tank or his pond when homes on neighbouring Warwick Road were flooded. Billy, named after the cartoon keeper in Viz comic, must have been swept through the stadium gates and on to the pitch. Emma Storey, 23, daughter of Carlisle Chairman, Fred, scooped him in a bucket. Emma said “I couldn’t’ believe it, I’m surprised he survived”
Now she wants to reunite him with his owner.
Reference: Scottish Daily Record; Jan.15th 2005.


Did you know!

That Doctors in ancient Egypt used shocks from the Electric Catfish to reduce the pain of arthritis.

Did you know!

The common name of the Firewood Catfish, Sorubimichthys planiceps, stems from the fact that  when it is caught it has no food value and so it is dried for firewood instead.

A takeoff from an air force base in Florida had to be aborted - after the jet hit a fish!

The Gulfstream G-IV jet from NOAA hit what the crew thought was an osprey on the runway as it was about to take off, but when MacDill Air Force Base wildlife manager Lindsey Garven went to search for the remains of the bird she found a Sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) measuring around 22.5cm/9" in length, lying near the end of the runway.

DNA samples were taken from the jet and sent to the Smithsonian Identification Laboratory in Washington, D.C, along with the specimen. It was later confirmed that the DNA did indeed belong to the fish!

"At first, we didn’t believe the test results," NOAA pilot Lt. Cmdr. Nicholas Toth said in a report on the Air Mobility Command website. "There was no way we hit a fish during takeoff. I mean, how does something like that even happen?"

It's thought that a bird, possibly a juvenile bald eagle, may have been eating the fish on the edge of the runway and as it saw the jet approaching it flew off, having to drop its catch to avoid being hit by the plane itself.

This is the first recorded 'fish strike' in the history of NOAA at MacDill and is being referred to by personnel at the base as 'fishnado'. The plane wasn't damaged in the incident.


From Practical Fishkeeping 7th March 2014


A Surrey man is keeping several escapee goldfish in his garden after rescuing them during the recent Thames flooding.

Dave Pope from Egham caught the first fish in 25cm/10" of water using a teapot that also happened to be floating past at the time.

The following day he caught another goldfish — a white one this time — and his neighbour's son caught a third.

Mr Pope says he also spotted a red and white goldfish making its escape, but was unable to catch it.

He says if no one comes forward to claim the fish he'll give them to his brother-in-law who has a pond — and whose Koi ended up swimming around his garden in the floods!


From Practical Fishkeeping 7th March 2014


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