Olyra from India
by Abhisek Mishra

lyra are anguilliform bodied bagrid catfishes native to India, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand. Their distribution was extended southwards in India with the discovery of Olyra astrifera from Kerala. They occur in western Thailand in the Mae khlong river system.


Olyra from India

Olyra from India


As they come from pristine environment in upstream areas of rivers and streams they will need similar water parameters to sustain them longterm.

Aquarium Care:

Olyra are generally known for their unbearable nature towards their conspecifics and fatally injuring each other in the home aquaria. Which is why they are called fighting catfishes. As is evident from the above picture, the specimen of Olyra saginata is bruised from a similar instance in the aquarium. If multiple specimens are to be housed in a single tank they must be provided with ample amount of hiding places and the tank size must be large enough so that separate territories can be established.

They are easy to feed as they accept dried pellets easily. But some species or specimens may be unwilling to take dry food at first which can be substituted with live/frozen food and subsequently replaced with dry pellets


Photo Credit

Abhisek Mishra


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