Characteristics of Rineloricaria fallax
by Mitsuhiro Iwamoto

elow are the main characteristics for identifying Rineloricaria fallax (Steindachner 1915). Identification can be made with the position of the dark spot on the head just anterior to the insertion of the dorsal fin. R. formosa also has this spot but it is situated further away from the dorsal fin nearer the head region. Black pores can also be seen on the head and anterior body of both species.

Rineloricaria fallax

Rineloricaria fallax


Habitat: Upper Rupununi and Branco River basins.

Lays up to 200 green eggs. The male may be nervous if disturbed but rearing the fry separately poses no problems. The Rineloricaria species are usually cave spawners, where the female will place their eggs after the male has cleaned inside. The male will then guard and fan the eggs until hatching. The eggs will hatch in 4-5 days whereas the male can now be removed.

Aquarium Care:
An easy species to keep with no excessive demands on water parameters.

Omnivore. Vegetable food such as cucumber and other various foods such as tablet, flake and frozen.


Photo Credit

Mitsuhiro Iwamoto


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