A Tale of 5 Cory's

Helen & John McGuire

t all started when 1 bought a bag of 5 small albino cory's (Corydoras aeneus) at Solway ( Dumfries) last October. When 1 got home 1 put them in a tank to grow them on. Once they started growing 1 started to sex them out and to my horror they were all females, now as 1 wanted to breed them 1 started my quest to find a male. Now for such a common wee cory you would think, 'nae bother' to pick one up, wrong!.

For a couple of months we tried, no joy at shops, shows, auctions even people known at the shows, still no joy. Then one night at our club, bingo! (no, 1 don't mean Agnes McCartneys bingo), Andy Morton told me he had a male. Now Andy being the nice chap that he is allowed me to borrow his male, and 1 gave it the tenancy of a 2ft.x 15 x 12 tank complete with dark gravel, bio filter and a small power head to add extra current to the water which had a pH. of approx 6.5 and let him settle in. The next day 1 picked my best female and put her in with a new friend, now to try and get them to spawn. 1 had only half filled the tank with water, (approx 7") temp about 70f.and changed a gallon of water each day for four days then, hey presto! they had spawned.


Corydoras aeneus (albino)

Corydoras aeneus (albino)

1 removed the parents back to a 3' 0" tank but no joy, the eggs fungused and I lost them. Now patience (lots of it) is the name of this game so here we go again. This time after 1 took the parents out and 1 put in fungicide at the recommended dose and crossed my fingers and waited for the eggs to hatch. I watched them and saw the tiny little fry wriggle from the egg and dive straight to the bottom of the tank and hide in the gravel, until their yolk sac was absorbed. After about three days 1 noticed they were free swimming about the bottom of the tank scavenging for food. (1 had removed the small power head when the eggs started to hatch.)

Now the hard work begins, to try and rear them without any major tragedy. In between my household chores and every time 1 passed by the tank it was a case of feed me, feed me now!.

Food for them was no problem, fry powder, microworm, crushed flake, with a wee treat of brine shrimp and mashed bloodwonn (frozen stuff). 1 am still rearing two spawnings of albino corys and my reward for all this patience and effort is my breeders certificate, after all this is our "hobby".

Andy's male certainly enjoyed his stay with us, (well wouldn't you, two good meals a day, plus enjoyment) and I'm sure my females would welcome him back with "open fins". Thanks Andy.

This article was first published in the Greenock & District Aquarist Society Newsletter, Jan 1998; no.13, p2

Photo Credit
: Allan James @ ScotCat



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