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An attempt to spawn upon demand? The spawning procedure by the author for Corydoras paleatus Adrian W.Taylor 091
In Defense of the "Iridescent Shark" An alternative view on keeping the Pangasius species Michael Hissom 092
An African Catfish (Mocholkiella paynei) The discovery of Mocholkiella paynei Steve Pritchard 093
Cephalosilurus apurensis - a voracious ambushing predator but not without On the keeping of this large "Pim" Christopher and Wolfgang Ros 094
Our house catfish, Clarias angolensis As Title Reinhold Wawrzynski 095
Initiating reproduction with the Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus) The spawning of the "The Walking Catfish" Wolfgang Ros 096
Not So Angelic(us) The many hybrids that invove Synodontis angelicus David Marshall 097
Bullheads - as of today and times gone by The keeping of these North American catfish Reinhold Wawrzynski 098
Ictalurus punctatus or "Getüpfelter Gabelwels“ One authors experience of keeping the "Channel Catfish" Reinhold Wawrzynski 099
Older & Wiser ??? The perils of moving large dorads Daphne Layley 100
What’s In YOUR Water ? Water Changes at the Weekend ? – Not Likely ! The perils of weekend water changes Daphne Layley 101
Cephalosilurus nigricaudus and its similarity to C. apurensis On the keeping of this large "Pim" Wolfgang Ros 102
A "shark" in the fresh water aquarium: Calophysus macropterus On the keeping of this large "Pim" Wolfgang Ros and Jakob Schmidt 103
Better than its reputation, Cephalosilurus fowleri An aggresive predator from the Pseudopimelodidae family Wolfgang Ros 104
Breeding Corydoras arcuatus As Title Graham Ramsay 105
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pangasius? The pitfalls of keeping Pangasius species Daphne Layley 106
To Show or Not to Show? Should you show your catfish? Daphne Layley 107
A Pond for Purdey A garden pond for the wels catfish Daphne Layley 108
The Enemy Within An infestation of Pinirampus pirinampu Daphne Layley 109
A Jewel in the Aquarium called Pimelodus ornatus The authors experiences on keeping this "Pim" Wolfgang Ros 110
Do You Bother to Quarantine? As Title Daphne Layley 111
Vietnamese River Cobbler Thoughts by the author on not eating Pangasius Daphne Layley 112
Hybridized Fish. Are they ethical - Do we really need them? As Title Daphne Layley 113
Breeding and fry development in Corydoras rabauti As Title Graham Ramsay 114
Dwarf Corydoras Information on four small Corydoras species in our aquariums Chris Ralph 115
An Internet Purchase with a Tragic Ending The sad story of this dorad, Orinocodoras eigenmanni Daphne Layley 116
Sleek, wiry, and striking: The predator catfish Aguarunichthys torosus Information on keeping another large "Pim" Wolfgang Ros 117
Keeping Your Koi or Catfish in a Heated Pond As Title Marijn van Haaren & Allan James 118
Synodontis njassae Keilhack, 1908 Information on the Lake Malawi squeaker Michael K. Oliver, Ph.D. 119
Synodontis lucipinnis (formerly Synodontis Petricola "dwarf") Breeding and raising Synodontis lucipinnis Benoît Jonas 120

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