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Bagrus bajad (Forsskål, 1775)

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Frants Lehmann (1 stamp)

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Found in lakes, swamps and rivers. Avoids salt water. Spends nearly the whole of the daylight hours in crevices of rocks and is therefor seldom seen and lives and feeds on or near the bottom. Adults exclusively piscivorous. Preys on small fish, particularly Alestes spp, or Chrysichthys auratus as in Lake Kainji; also feeds on insects, crustaceans, mollusks and vegetable matter. Efficiency of catching prey catfish is maximised by face to face attack, avoiding damage by dorsal and pectoral spines of the prey. There is some indication that the species comes to shallower water to breed with the spawning season extending from April to July. The parents build and guard the nest, which is like a flat disc with a central hole where the eggs are dropped. The size of the nest and the central hole depend on the size of the fish. Males become up to 7 years old, females 8 years. Mean sizes and weight of males are less than those of females from the same age. An important food fish and the flesh is good eating and of economic importance, and commonly sold as food. Reputed to reach 100,000 g. Aquarium Care: This is an aggresive catfish and would need to be housed in a large tank. If keeping with tankmates they would need to be as large or kept on its own. Diet: Fish, trout and carp pellets. On the Red List but of least concern and no major threats impacting the whole population (2006).

Common Name:



Silurus bajad, Porcus bajad, Porcus bayad, Bagrus bayad, Bagrus bayad bayad, Porcus docmac bayad, Bagrus bayed macropterus Pfaff, 1933, Bagrus bayad macropterus Pfaff, 1933




Africa: Lakes Chad, Mobutu and Turkana; Nile, Niger, and Senegal rivers. Type locality: in Nile.


70cm ( 28ins)


22-28°C (71-83°F)




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