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Synodontis waterloti   Daget, 1962

his Synodontis is not very common in imports but is certainly one of the nicest marked specimens from the Synodontis genus.The base colour can vary from having a yellow background with dark brown markings to a more duller brown base colour.

Synodontis waterloti


David Sands noted in his Catfishes of the World Vol.2 that the colour changes can be brought upon by the colour of the substrate, the lighter the substrate, the lighter and better colour will show on the body of S. waterloti. Poll noted that the pectoral spines are highly serrated on the front edge and this character could be individual to this species. I find that a good method of identification are the spots on the head area which also reside on the head shield and to the beginning of the humeral process, (the part of the head shield that projects back just above the pectoral fins).



Male specimen showing breeding tube


Male specimen showing breeding tube

The genus Synodontis sports three pairs of barbels 1pair: maxillary, 1 pair: outer mandibular and one pair of inner mandibular barbels that are branched (filaments). There are only three species that have filaments on their maxillary barbels as well as the mandibular, and they are, S. clarias, S. decorus and S. flavitaeniatus.

Pectoral spines highly serrated on the front edge.

Yellow to light tan background with small spots to head area. Rest of body with brown spots and blotches. Spots and blotches carry on into the adipose fin.

The suitability of this species in the aquarium is that it would not be too aggressive to other conspecifics, but do bare in mind that most Synodontis like to have their own territory, be it a cave or pipes, to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Not recorded.

Will take most prepared aquarium foods such as frozen bloodworm, whiteworm, shrimp, prawns, tablet food, flake food and pellets. A wide varied diet will provide a healthy specimen for many years.

Synodontis: Ancient name for an undetermined fish from the Nile (Cuvier 1816).
waterloti : After a personal name.

Sands, David. Catfishes of the World, Vol 2 Mochokidae. Dunure Publications 1983

Photo Credits
© Danny Blundell @ The Danny Blundell PhotoGallery 
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Common Name:
Waterlot's Synodontis    
Africa: Waanje and Taja Rivers, Sierra Leone; St. John River basin, Liberia; Cess River basin, Côte d’Ivoire; Pra River basin, Ghana. Type locality: Friguiagbé, près Kindia, Guinée.
16cm. (6½ins)
23-25°C (73 -77°F)   
6.5 - 7.5.
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