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As you can see, its a nice sunny day in Scotland.

The pond is 8' x 6' and 18" deep, not exactly a Koi
pond but this is Mark1, that's what I said when I built it 20 years ago (1988)!.

It houses at the moment a motley crew of  6 assorted goldfish which includes a Sarasa Comet and a Shubunkin.

I usually get some fry that survive every year, they sometimes go back into the pond the following summer or end up in somebody else's tank or pond.

I have had in the past problems with cats who don't eat the fish but just leave them on the ground as a calling card, but since one neighbours cat has recently died from old age the problem has diminished. (so that was the culprit!)




Accessories include a plastic duck (male I think) which floats about the surface, a stone cat, you might be able to see in the top picture (its supposed to scare the real cats away!), and a garden gnome which was gifted to me by a friend ( I can't get rid of it in case he visits!)

So there you are, exciting isn't it!.

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