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Greenock & District A.S.
  Aquarist Society.
The Greenock & District Aquarist Society is one of the biggest clubs in Scotland and was formed in October 1950 when fishkeeping was starting to take off after the war, and to cater for a growing number of aquarists who were looking for a meeting place to discus, and expand their hobby.

51 years later, and after the inevitable ups and downs that most clubs have, the club is still going strong and has celebrated its 50th birthday last year in the Millennium.
Three members of the club are Judges for the Federation of Scottish Aquarist Societies and so add to the expertise already at the club.

Meetings take place at the Crawfordburn Community Centre, Bawhirley Rd., Greenock, , every second Tuesday of each month except July, and everyone is welcome to drop in if in the vicinity. You will be assured of a warm welcome.

Club Night 22nd Jan.: Club member Willie Murray gave a talk and slide show on his recent visit to the Great Barrier Reef on the Australian Gold Coast. The slides were exceptional showing the fish and the coral and he even managed to photograph a white tipped shark on the prowl! A very informative night where-after the members thanked Willie for his very interesting talk.

  Our first open show of the year (our 17th ) on the 10th of March 2002 was once again a great success even allowing for the drop in entries which has been prevalent in the hobby during the past 4years.
There was 82 entries from all over Scotland and also the North of England.
Best fish in show went to Jack Irish of the Scottish Livebearer Group with his very rare Loach
Acanthopthalmus muraeniformus.
Second best in show went to Gavin Cowan of Solway Aquarist Society with his nicely coloured Barb

Barbus gelius
and he also won best coldwater with the shiner, Notropis lutrensis.
Third best was Billy Grant of the Clyde club with again the rare parasitic catfish
Tridensimillis brevis.
Top junior for the second year running was C.Young of the Kirkcaldy club with his Tanganyikan cichlid
Lamprologus brichardi.

Our own club members picked up tickets and awards with myself achieving the highest G.D.A.S. member trophy, the best G.D.A.S. Synodontis and best pair in show.
Best G.D.A.S. member for section 13 went to Dave Smith and highest member from section 1-5 went to C.Murphy.

Below are the results for the club members from the show.
You can now visit the
Federation of Scottish Aquarist Societies on the net where you can view all the shows and get information of all upcoming events.

01. Guppies 2nd C.Murphy Poecilia reticulata 
01. Guppies 3rd. C.Murphy Poecilia reticulata
16. Catfish A. 1st. A.James Corydoras reynoldsi 'asher' (Special)
16. Catfish A. 2nd. A.James Corydoras arcuatus
18. Catfish C. 1st.  A.James Mochkiela paynei
18. Catfish C. 2nd.  D.Smith Chaetastoma sp. L188
18. Catfish C. 3rd.  D.Smith Ancistrus sp.
19. Synodontis Species 2nd. A.James Synodontis angelicus.
19. Synodontis Species 3rd. D.Smith Synodontis sp.
27. Sharks 3rd. C.Murphy Labeo bicolor.
35. Egglaying Pairs 1st. A.James Corydoras reynoldsi 'asher' (Special)
36. Breeders Guppies 1st. D.Smith Poecilia reticulata
36. Breeders Guppies 2nd. J.Paterson Poecilia reticulata
44. Breeders Catfish 3rd.  A.James Corydoras reynoldsi 'asher'
52. Any Matching Trio 1st. D.Smith Synodontis petricola
52. Any Matching Trio 2nd. J.Paterson Poecilia reticulata 

 Best in Show  Fish  Club
Jack Irish
  Jack Irish
Acanthopthalmus muraeniformus
Acanthopthalmus muraeniformus
Scottish Livebearer Group
2nd Best in Show  Fish  Club
Gavin Cowan
Gavin Cowan
Barbus gelius

(Gelius Barb)
Solway Aquarist Society
3rd Best in Show   Fish  Club
Billy Grant
Tridensimillis brevis
Tridensimillis brevis
(Dwarf Parasitic Catfish)
Clyde Aquarist Society

Best Coldwater in Show   Fish  Club
Gavin Cowan
Gavin Cowan
Notropis lutrensis

Solway Aquarist Society

Best Junior in Show  Fish  Club
C .Young

Lamprologus brichardi
Kirkcaldy Aquarist Society.

Annual subscription fees are as follows: Family=3.50, Adults=3.00, Juniors and Senior Citizens=1.50.


G.A.D.A.S Committee.
President. Andy Scott.
Secretary. James Sheekey.
Treasurer. Hugh Gray.
Show Manager. William Cullen.
Show Judge. Allan James.
Show Judge. John Bradley.
Committee Members.

William Cullen.
Allan James.
John Bradley.
Honorary Members.

Peter McKirdy.
Andy Dominick.
Dougie Carr.

If you would like further details please contact the Secretary, James Sheekey, 6 Markinch Rd., Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland, PA14 6JQ., or E-Mail him at [email protected]                

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