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Avalithoxus jantjae (Lujan, 2008)

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Nathan Lujan (1)

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Relevant Information:

Due to the recent paper (2018) by Lujan et al. this is a new described genera. They erected the new genus Avalithoxus for Lithoxus jantjae, a species that is narrowly endemic to the Ventuari River immediately upstream of Salto Tencua and is unique in Hypostominae for having only 12 branched caudal-fin rays. Lithoxus is restricted to Lithoxus lithoides from the Essequibo and Correntyne rivers in Guyana and Suriname. Aquarium Care: Quite a demanding genera which need pure, oxygen rich water. They need plenty of hiding places and the aquarium to be very strongly filtered. Diet: Insectivores that feed in their natural habitat from insect larvae on rocks. Feed Frozen mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and Daphnia. They will also except tablet foods.

Common Name:



Lithoxus jantjae




South America: known only from ~180 m a.s.l. in the Ventuari River, immediately upstream of Salto Tencua in the central region of Amazonas State, Venezuela.


4.0cm. (1¾ins)


23-27°c (73-81°f.)




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