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Hemiloricaria teffeana (Steindachner, 1879)

Image contributors to this species:

Allan James (2) Hans-Georg Evers (1) Mitsuhiro Iwamoto (2)

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Relevant information:

This very nicely marked species is still listed in Fishbase and the Catalog of Fishes as Rineloricaria teffeana but the name is currently accepted in some quarters as Hemiloricaria teffeana. Issbrücker (Issbrücker in Issbrücker et al, 2001) declared the synonymity of Rineloricaria and Hemiloricaria as no longer valid, and the latter again as an independent genus. The differences between the two genera are based on the positions of the males bristles and the top caudal filament on adult Hemiloricaria which is absent on Rinelolricaria. Aquarium Care: Not an easy species to keep and breed. They are reported when disturbed that they get very nervous and eat their eggs. Diet: Omnivore. Vegetable food such as cucumber and other various foods such as tablet, flake and frozen.

Common Name:

Tefe whiptail catfish


Rineloricaria teffeana, Loricaria teffeana, Loricaria valenciennesii




Brazil: Amazon River basin. Type locality: Teffé, Amazonenstrom, Brazil.


12cm. (4¾ins)


26-30°c (79-87°f.)




Evers, H.-G. & I.Seidel: Mergus, Baensch Catfish Atlas Volume 1, 1st English edn., 2005. Pp.944.



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