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Hypostomus sp. (L227)  

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Placed in the Hypostoumus cochliodon species group which have a shorter body and more high backed than other members of the Hypostomus. They have a small number of spatulate teeth with a single cusp with the jaws arranged in a V shape. There is a chain of thought that this species and Hypostomus sp. L229 are one and the same species (Grant, S., 2015). Aquarium Care: A high backed species which can grow quite large and are intolerant of other Loricariids. Quite easy to keep but need frequent water changes on account of its high metabolic rate. Aquarium size would need to be 4ft (120cm) or over. Diet: Wood eaters so would need a supply of fresh and seasoned wood. Food tablets and also green foods. Remarks: First appeared in the German DATZ magazine of August 1996, page 550, as Cochliodon sp. L227. Cochliodon is now a synomyn of Hypostomus.

Common Name:







Perul: Río Ucayali drainage (Pucallpa)


30cm. (12ins)


24-28°c (75-83°f.)




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Datz: August 1996. www.datz.de.



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