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Lasiancistrus heteracanthus (Günther, 1869)

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This species can be distinguished from L. caucanus, L. saetiger, and L. tentaculatus by having abdominal plates (vs. absent), from L. schomburgkii and L. saetiger by having dark spots in the dorsal and caudal fins (vs. white spots or all dark); and from L. guacharote by not having the abdominal plates restricted to a region near the insertion of the pectoral-fin spine. The Lasiancistrus species are quite similar to the Ancistrus genus but have a flatter profile and do not possess the tentacles on the mouths of this genera. Sexual Differences: Males have longer pectoral fins and have a heavier growth of odontodes behind the gill covers and on the edges of the snout. Aquarium Care: Relatively easy to keep but large males may tend to be territorial. Diet: Bogwood should be provided for rasping on and vegetables will be their main dietary requirements. Will also take veg. tablets/wafers, fine live and frozen foods.

Common Name:



Chaetostomus heteracanthus




South America : upper Río Napo of Ecuador and the lower Río Napo of Peru. Type locality: Type locality: Upper Amazons, Peruvian Amazons.


18cm. (7ins)


25-29°c (77-85°f.)




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