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Rineloricaria microlepidogaster (Regan, 1904)

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Description: Possesses the characters of the rocky group and can be diagnosed within the species of the rocky group by the following characters: asymmetrical tooth cusps (vs. almost symmetrical cusps in Rineloricaria aequalicuspis); spotted colour pattern in all fins (vs. a unique color pattern composed of one dark, wide band covering most of the distal one-half of all fins in Rineloricaria baliola); narrower head, head width 74.7-83.5 (vs. 83.7-93.6% of head length in Rineloricaria jaraguensis); 5-11 teeth in both dentary and premaxilla (vs. 12-16 teeth in each jaw in Rineloricaria latirostris); plated abdomen (vs. naked or almost naked in Rineloricaria malabarbai and Rineloricaria maquinensis); and short dorsal unbranched principal caudal-fin ray (vs. dorsal unbranched principal caudal-fin ray produced in a filament in Rineloricaria pentamaculata). Habitat: Occurs in watercourses with slow to fast flow, clear to brown water with rocky, sandy, or muddy bottom. Encountered in polluted waters. Aquarium Care: As with all Rineloricaria provide long leaved plants or bamboo stalks for them to hang on to. Diet: Omnivore. Vegetable food such as cucumber and other various foods such as tablet, flake and frozen

Common Name:



Loricaria microlepidogaster




South America: Laguna dos Patos basin, Brazil. Type locality: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


19.0cm. (7½ins)


22-26°c (71-79°f.)




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