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Sturisoma robustum (Regan, 1904)

Image contributors to this species:

Haraldo Bishop (5) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2)

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Relevant Information:

The work carried out by Covain et.al. 2015 confines the Sturisoma genera to east of the Andes (cis-Andean), and the Sturisomatichthys genera restricted to the west of the Andes (trans-Andean). The first 5 thumbnail images the specimen was captured in Feb.2003 in the Paraná River basin in Argentina in an area with many floating plants and larger plants known locally as "camalotes". This species is also well known from the La Plata River basin further to the south. The Sturisoma genera is sometimes not eay to identify to species as there has probably been quite a few aquarium crossings in the past. Aquarium Care: Happier in a aquarium with a high oxygen content. Large planted aquarium with non aggressive tank mates. Regular water changes must be adhered to, to keep this animal in good health. Sexual Differences : Mature males will grow odontodes along the sides of the head and rostrum (snout). Diet: Mostly vegetarian with cucumber, spinach, and algae wafers. Meaty foods such as frozen blood worms and live foods such as white worms and brine shrimp can be fed sporadically. Breeding: As per this genus, will lay eggs usually on the tank walls and the male will guard and fan the eggs.

Common Name:

Paraguay whiptail


Oxyloricaria robusta




South America: La Plata River basin: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Type locality: Rio Paraguay.


25.0cm. (10ins)


23-27°c (73-81°f.)




Bishop, Haraldo & Bishop, Noemí de; Paraná, Argentina, pers comm., August 2004.
ScotCat Article: Collecting in the Paraná River Basin, Argentina (Part 1)



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