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Amazonas magazineGerman magazine which now has an English edition. Editor is well known author and aquarist Hans-Georg Evers. This is a bi-monthly magazine with 6 issues per year and they also offer you a digital edition when you take out a subsription.


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AMAZONAS is one of the world’s legendary freshwater aquarium magazines, read by tens of thousands of tropical fish enthusiasts and now available for the first time in English.


New species discoveries, awesome aquarium profiles, breeding breakthroughs, expeditions to wild tropical streams and lakes, hands-on advice and secrets to keeping a thriving, stunningly beautiful freshwater aquarium are the focus of every sumptuously printed issue.


Written by experts and illustrated with breathtaking color images, AMAZONAS is a must read for the adventuresome freshwater aquarist—a constant source of new ideas, cutting edge information and inspiration.


All subscriptions will start with the Charter Issue dated January/February 2012, Volume 1, Number 1.

Tropical World


Tropical World Welcome to Tropical World - the only UK magazine devoted exclusively to freshwater tropical fish only. Tropical World is written by fishkeepers for fishkeepers - and its' contributors include many top authors who are experts in their fields.






Practical Fishkeeping


Practical FishkeepingPractical Fishkeeping is the all encompassing magazine for the fishkeeping hobbyist. It covers every topic relevant to fishkeepers from the grass roots level up to the well established expert whether their interest is in pond fish, tropical fish or exotic marines. Its information is readily accessible and often accompanied by useful step-by-step photo sequences.


The magazine is hard to beat with every page crammed with fabulous colour photographs. Practical Fishkeeping helps you to 'enjoy, understand and care for your fish.

Koi Carp


Koi CarpKoi Carp magazine is an invaluable source of information for koi keepers, with experts covering every aspect of the hobby. The title has also recently become the official magazine of the British Koi Keepers’ society. This alliance means that the magazine will reach an even wider audience and will also add the valuable knowledge of the BKKS to the expert advice already on offer.


Every month Koi Carp magazine is packed with features providing in-depth guidance on subjects such as water quality, koi health, pond construction, equipment and nutrition. Add to these regular sections such as beginners’ guides to koi, reader’s ponds and top tips and it’s clear why Koi Carp is the most popular koi magazine on the market. This unique blend of articles ensures that the magazine appeals to experienced koi keepers and those new to the hobby alike.


Our team of contributors are all experts in their fields, with many of them working with koi on a professional level. This means you can trust the advice you receive from Koi Carp magazine and always be sure that the information we provide will help and advise you in your hobby.

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