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Bagarius suchus Roberts, 1983

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Vertebrae: 40 - 42. Rugose dorsal surface of bony cranium and predorsal plate exposed (not covered by skin); a median sharp ridge on supraoccipital crest and paired sharp longitudinal ridges on predorsal |plate; skin on sides of head and on body with closely set beadlike or granular protuberances (resembling those of gecko skin) of similar size; body depth 7.9-9.3 (mean 8.5); a darkly pigmented spot or blotch on side of body midway between darkly pigmented bands associated with bases of dorsal and adipose fins. The skin above the neural spines anterior and posterior to the adipose fin always forms large ridges or humps (seven to nine in front of the adipose fin, three to five behind it), much more prominent and more numerous than the relatively weak humps or ridges sometimes formed over the neural spines in B. bagarius and rarely present and even more weakly developed in B. yarrelli. In B. suchus the adipose fin origin tends to lie even further posterior than in B. bagarius (and therefore much further posteriorly than in B. yarrelli), and the distance separating the dorsal and adipose fins is much greater in B. suchus than in B. bagarius or B. yarrelli. Aquarium Care: The only member of the genus suitable for home aquaria. Cool, fast-flowing water required for this rapid dwelling fish. Tank should include large, smooth and rounded stones over a sandy substrate. Foods include bloodworms, shrimp and live or dead fish. Best kept alone, given its predatory nature. Will eat or dismantle most tankmates.

Common Name:

Crocodile catfish






Asia: Mekong and Chao Phraya basins. Type locality: Thailand, Kemrat.


70cm. (2ft 4ins)


18-25°c (64-77°f.)




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