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Glyptothorax fokiensis (Rendahl, 1925)

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Zhou Hang (2) Freshwater Fishes of China in Coloured Illustrations (1) Cheilinus Aquarium Photography (2)

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Dorsal spines (total): 1; Dorsal soft rays (total): 6; Anal soft rays: 7 - 8. Flat head, round snout. Small eyes located in the middle of the head. Maxillary barbel reached to pectoral fin, short nasal barbel reach only to the eye. Nude body without scale, straight lateral line. Yellowish in the pectoral and stomach. Three black spot in the body, one under the dorsal fin, one under the adipose fin, and the other near the base of the caudal fin. Glyptothorax is distinguished from all other sisorid genera by having an adhesive apparatus on the thorax with with grooves parallel or oblique to the longitudinal axis of the body (vs. thoracic adhesive grooves transverse to the longitudinal axis of the body in Pseudecheneis, and thoracic adhesive apparatus absent in all other genera). Remarks: Considered a valid subspecies of Glyptothorax fokiensis by Li (1984a) but a synonym of Glyptothorax fukiensis fukiensis (= Glyptothorax fokiensis fokiensis) by Chu et al. (1999). (Thomson & Page 2006)

Common Name:



Glyptosternum fokiensis, Glyptothorax fukiensis, Glyptothorax fukiensis fukiensis, Glyptothorax fukiensis hainanensis, Glyptosternon hainanensis, Glyptothorax fukiensis punctatum, Glyptothorax punctatum




Asia: Yangtze drainage, China. Type locality: Lan-Hao, Lien-Cheng-Hsien, Fokien (Fujian), Yangtze drainage, S. China.


8cm. (3¼ins)


18-22°c (63-71°f.)




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