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Akysis variegatus (Bleeker, 1846)

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Rainboth, W.J (1) 

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Nasal barbel shorter than head length and tip of snout dark. Large dark blotches on lower part of body, lighter above. Akysid catfishes are known from across a large area of Southeast Asia. Roberts (1989) described them as small to minute fishes with cryptic colouration, tiny eyes, and completely covered with unculiferous plaques or tubercles. In some genera some of the tublercles on the body are enlarged and arranged in distinctive longitudinal rows, the number of which may be diagnostic. Among akysids, fishes of the genus Akysis are very small, cryptically coloured species generally found in fast-flowing streams with a sandy or rocky bottom and, until recently they have been poorly studied, mainly due to the paucity of material in museum collections.

Common Name:



Pimelodus variegatus




Asia: Northern Borneo and Mekong basin. Type locality: Batavia.


3cm SL. (1¼ins)


18-22°C (63-71°F)




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