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December 2016 Factsheet
Parastegophilus maculatus
" Spotted parasitic catfish"

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13th November. 2016: Species

Panaqolus tankei
Update to L398 which is now described.

11th November 2016 Article

Breeding Aspidoras cf. rochai Ihering, 1907
by Adrian Taylor

9th July 2016 Video

Peckoltia sp. "Rio Paru"
By Terry Gargan

8th July. 2016: Species

Panaqolus claustellifer
Update to L306 which is now described.

3rd June 2016 Species

Two new CW numbers in CW119 and CW120

12th April. 2016: Species

Corydoras knaacki
Update to CW032 which is now described

15th March. 2016: Species

Corydoras eversi
Update to C065 which is now described

21st February 2016 Article

Other Methods of Reducing Hardness
by James Montgomery

21st February 2016 Article

Water Chemistry
by James Montgomery























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