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Have you ever wondered what that catfish name really means?. Wonder no more as here is the definitive list of catfish from A to Z. They are split up into Genus (first name: a group of closely related species) and Species (second name: a group of organisms generally resembling each other and capable of reproduction). If you would like to subscribe to a name that is not in the etymology pages, please e-mail me.

You can move about the Species pages by clicking on any letter on the menu to left. To find out the meaning of the Genus names, this is seperate on the menu.

Etymology: The science that treats of the origin and history of words and modification of a particular word.
Most of the words in these pages have been taken from four publications with the kind permission of their authors. Scientific Names and their Meanings, Book no.10. by the Federation Of British Aquatic Societies 1977.This can be purchased price £1.87, cheque made payable to "FBAS" from :

                                                   Roger Crew,
                                                   28 The Mall,
                                                   Isle of Wight,
                                                   PO33 3SF.

Corydoras Catfish, An Aquarists Handbook by Derek Lambourne 1995.

Catfish Association of Great Britain, Magazine 42.
"Magical Mystery Meaning or The Etymology of Scientific Names Of Catfish." By Drs.Issac J. H. Isbrücker & Han Nijssen.

Breeding Corydoradine Catfishes by Ian A.M.Fuller. Catalogue of Genera and species of Corydoradinae Hoedeman, 1952 (Teleostei, Ostariophysi, Callichthyidae), including type localities, type specimens, and etymology by Dr Isaäc J.H. Isbrücker.

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