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Pangasiidae = ( pan gas IE id dee )  

A small family commonly known as "iridescent sharks" or "shark cats" due to their shape. They consist of species from South and Southeast Asia. Includes the largest freshwater fish on earth, the "Mekong giant catfish" Pangasiandon gigas.

Can get a bit too big for the basic aquarium set-up and can get very nervous if not given enough room. Possess unusually large eyes and has one pair of barbels on the chin and also one pair of maxillary barbels.

Helicophagus leptorhynchus
Pangasianodon gigas
Pangasianodon hypophthalmus  
Pangasius bocourti
Pangasius conchophilus
Pangasius elongatus
Pangasius krempfi
Pangasius larnaudii
Pangasius macronema
Pangasius mekongensis
Pangasius pangasius
Pangasius polyuranodon
Pangasius sanitwongsei  
Pseudolais pleurotaenia




















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